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Welcome, everyone!
This is my guinea pig site!

In case you are wondering, I always like to feel my guinea pigs' ears. They feel so velvety, hence velvety-ears.

This site has mostly info about guinea pigs although there is fun stuff such as pics, and I'm hoping to add a quiz, games, etc....

General Info:
Guinea Pigs, or Cavies as they are also called, are rodents native to South America. They are very sweet, and I think they are very special. If you are thinking about having a cavy in your family -- great! Basically all you need to keep your guinea pig happy is time and love. If you are only going to have one, you will need to have even more time to hold him/her so he/she will not get lonely.

My first and favorite!

Guinea Pigs and Other Animals:
Be careful.  If you have a cat, don't get a cavy unless you are SURE you can keep him/her away from the cat. If you have a dog, it depends on the dog. I knew a dog who was fine with my guinea pig, but most dogs will want to "play" with the cavy.  I have seen rabbits and guinea pigs together in pet stores, but that's all I know about guinea pigs with other rodents. My best advice is to ask a vet who is familiar with guinea pigs as well as other animals. (Many vets don't know much about guinea pigs.)
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OK, so you're ready now. You have read my other pages, and a cavy is for you. Now, where are you going to find him/her?
A pet store is what you think of first, but there are also many shelters for guinea pigs.  If possible, look into this option first.  Guinea pigs in stores will be cared for until they are sold; guinea pigs in shelters will be housed for only a short time until they are either adopted or killed to make room for new arrivals. (See Links page for more information about finding a shelter near you.)

Velvety-Ears is dedicated to all my guinea pigs:
the ones whose home is with us, the ones whose homes are with others, and the ones whom we have lost to sickness.

Brownie, Woody, Cinnamon, Checkers, Cocoa, Nikki, Isplanit, Ahuva, Ora, Drora, Chaviv, Mazal, Daniella, Chaya Kinnamon, Chalavi,
Cacao Katan, Shaina, Mr. Brownie, Kiki, Chami, Daniel, Kovi, and stillborn Baby

You are encouraged to use any text and/or pictures from Velvety-Ears for the benefit of guinea pigs.

our "Big Daddy"